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Welcome to Little Bird Studio

Contemporary Collage Art, Drawing & Design

by Janelle Davis


Thanks for visiting my page. I am a self-taught contemporary collage artist and live on the beautiful south coast of NSW, where I always find plenty of inspiration from the surrounding landscape. My work uses papers and fabrics as the main media of the composition, using their texture, colour and shape to form the various elements in each design. I design and create my art and jewellery from my home-based studio and exhibit my work at Shop 3 Gallery in Milton NSW where I am part of a 5 person artist collective who operate our own gallery. This site aims to showcase the style of work I do and most large works are posted here when complete. I also do commission work and can be contacted if you are seeking a more customised piece. I produce one-off pieces of jewellery and you will see a small cross section of the type of pieces I produce on the jewellery page. I also create many small freehand drawings, mainly of Australian birds with some including collage elements. I hope you enjoy looking through my site and if you get the chance please call in to the gallery which is open weekends from 10-3 and most days during the school holidays.

Enjoy, and always make time to do something you love!

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